Tamarind Tribal ATS ® Workshop in Budapest 10-12. April 2015.

Tamarind Movement Dialect ATS workshop EuropeApril 10th:

Zils, Drills and Thrills! (1 hour): Experience the joy of zilling while dancing, or tweak your technique if you have some zil experience! In this workshop, we give you 3 basic patterns for ATS®, and some variations for the chorus (the Zils) the moves to pair them with (the Drills) and then we will put it all together into some great looking combos. (Thrills!) Dancers should be familiar with Shimmies, Arabic, Egyptian Basic and Hip Bumps and we will be introducing a few other variations on those steps. Zils required.

Framing your ATS® Art (1 hour): Strong, elegant arms and hands can be the beautiful “frame” around your belly dance art. In this workshop, we will present strength and flexibility exercises for your arms and hands, visualization techniques to keep things flowing, and drills to create strong muscle memory. Great for any level, this workshops helps you to achieve a powerful dance presence through great posture and spellbinding arm movement!

 April 11th:

Super Beth Fan Club (2 hours): Fans are not a traditional prop for ATS®, but can be used for specialty or concept pieces within your performance set. Fans add a bit of spark and color, and are easily adapted to to any dance style! „SuperBeth” will show you how to handle and hold a large dance fan, and will lead you through a series of fast steps that will showcase these colorful props.. Beth will add slow, dramatic movements that may be performed with 1 or 2 fans. Expect a good upper body workout! Taught by Beth only.

For this workshop, you will need 2 silk flutter fans, for both right and left hand. These are the short fans, not the long „fan veils”. (Beth will also teach this workshop in San Francisco on the ATS® Homecoming in January of 2015.)

Tamarind Tricks (and Treats!) Tamarind Movement Dialect Part1. (2 hours): In this workshop, Tamarind will fill your goody bag with some tasty little choreo’s that you can add to your ATS® set. Concepts taught in this exciting workshop include the Egyptian Flip, Stella Luna, Happy Goat, Min Spin and Box Step Fade and Barrel of Monkeys, as well as some advanced passing concepts. Best for dancers that have firm knowledge of FCBD® Classic and Modern ATS® movements. Number of participants is limited!

 April 12th:

Courageous Concepts! Tamarind Movement Dialect Part2. (2 hours): Tamarind will teach you how to improv without a safety net with “setups” like the Rebel Egyptian, Rogue ReShamka, When Camels Attack!, Car Wash and other courageous concepts. We will be working in groups of 3 and 4, so this is a great workshop for troupes, or for dancers who like to make new friends! Best for dancers that have firm knowledge of FCBD® Classic and Modern ATS® movements, and there will be some spinning. Number of participants is limited!

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